About Us

Meet the Artist

Shae Price began painting in August 2015, after observing her teenage son painting assignments for his High School art class. She asked him for pointers and watched YouTube videos so she could learn new painting styles to teach foster kids at work and as they say, the rest is history! Shae has since explored painting in the Abstract Expressionist, Impressionist, and Classical styles and was recently invited to show her work in the Hopefully Sow Art Exhibit with the Inspiration Gallery in Austin, Texas. Shae is an advocate for mental health awareness, has three amazing sons and a very hyper Husky!

Meet the Team

Shae Price

Founder & CEO

Advocate for foster youth, homeless individuals and mental health who believes creative expression to be one of the best ways to heal trauma.

Will Price


Became a photographer because the Coach put a camera in his hand to photograph the football team and Will found he had a great eye for awesome pictures. He also loves to LARP!

Rich Spears

Web Consultant

Retired police detective now seeking creative outlets by writing, graphic art.

So Have You??

Hi There! Have you checked out our portfolio, our gallery and services pages? No? Oh Dang, don’t go without doing so and then send us an email when you find something you like! Didn’t find anything but have an idea of the product you want? Well then, send us an email and we will do the research for you (we love research!)